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Affordable & Reliable Brake Repair

Christine J.

Victory Auto Customer

My brakes were grinding and causing issues when breaking. It was my first time changing brakes on this car. Chad walked me through everything clearly and explained it in a way I could understand. The grinding noise is gone and my brakes are working again! Thanks Victory!

Protect What is Most Valuable: You & Your Passengers

Most drivers hit the brakes over 200 times per day! Servicing your vehicles brakes is critical for maintaining a reliable and safe vehicle. Brake Repair is not something you want to go cheap on. Having optimal braking power can be the difference between a situation where everyone goes home normally to loved ones or a much worse outcome. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and passengers with reliable brake repair and services at competitive prices from Victory Auto Service & Glass.

Your brakes are more than your brake pads. It is a complete system designed to stop your vehicle as fast and effective as possible. It is important to inspect and or service all parts of the brake system when getting repairs done. Many vehicle owners assume all you have to do is change your brake pads. This can lead to inefficient breaking and stopping power.

Main Components of a Disk (Rotor) Brake

Disk Brake Components
  • Brake Rotos: Provides the stopping surface for brake pads 
  • Brake Pads: Provides the friction to stop the vehicle
  • Calipers: Squeezes the brake pads onto the rotors to stop the vehicle
  • Wheel Studs: Connect the brake system to the wheels
  • Wheel Bearing: Allow wheels and rotor to spin 

Semi-Metalic vs Ceramic Brake Pads

When it comes to brake pads, you have a wide variety of options. You need to understand your options to get what is right for your vehicle. Most vehicle owners will want a ceramic brake, but sometimes a semi-metalic brake pad is ideal depending on the type of driving you are doing.


Semi-Metalic Pads

Ceramic Pads


Lower Cost

Higher Cost


Shorter Life

Longer Life

Brake Noise




More Dust

Less Dust

Rotor Wear

Less Wear

More Wear


Better in Cold Weather

All Season

Best for...

Situations where you 'must' stop... Racing, Towing

Everyday use for most vehicles

What Goes into the Cost of Brake Repair?

Fixing your vehicle's brakes is a worth-while investment. Quality and reliable brakes will protect you and your loved ones from accidents or worse. The price for brake repair can vary from vehicle to vehicle. These are the main factors for repair costs.

1) Front or Rear Brakes

Do you need front brakes or rear brakes? Maybe both? Front brakes and rear brakes are very similar in price, but often front brake repair has slightly more cost because the parts for front brakes are bigger and more expensive than rear brakes. The parts are bigger for front brakes because for most vehicles the engine is up front and it most of the weight of your vehicle.

2) Type of Brake Pads & Break Rotors

In the brake pad world you often have a choice between three elements: long-life, fast-breaking, and quiet breaking. For most brake pads, you get to pick two. The more you get quality for all three elements the more expensive your brake repair will be. 

3) What Parts & Fluids Need Repair or Replacement

Not all brake repairs are the same. Every brake repair is dependent upon what needs to be fixed or replaced. If your rotors and calipers need to be replaced along with your brake pads, that will be a more costly repair than if only your brake pads need replacement.

4) Complexity of Brake System

Brake Systems are different for every vehicle. While most of the vehicles on the road use a standard disk brake system, some vehicles have more complex disk brake systems or use a drum brake system. The more moving parts and the tighter the brake system typically you will see an increase in repair costs due to parts and labor needs. Luxury brands and SUVs typically have more complex brake systems.

7-Step Brake Repair Process

Call, Text, or Email to Set Up an Appointment. Book Online: Here

We Perform a 44-point quality assurance inspection on entire vehicle on the Day of your appointment

We'll Do an In-Depth Brake-System Inspection & performance Testing

We'll Develop An Optimal Repair Strategy for your Budget, expected Repair Life, and value to vehicle

You Approve Only the Work You Want

We'll Perform the Work Ordered in a Detailed and professional Manner With your safety in mind

You'll Get Back on the Road, Typically the Same Day

Brakes F.A.Q.

How Often Do I Have to Change My Brakes?

It depends on a couple factors: how aggressive you drive & brake, the types of brake system you have, and the type of brake pads or rotors you have. However in a general sense, most brake pads need to be replaced every 25,000 to 50,000 miles. If you have more of a performance brake system, you will need to replace your brakes more frequently.


How Often Do I Have to Change My Brake Fluid?

Depends ultimately on driving style and vehicle type, but a general guideline is every 4 to 5 years.


How Do I Know I Need to Change My Brakes?

Most often you'll experience one of two things: Your brakes will feel 'squishy'. It will feel like you have to press harder on your brakes to get the same effect. Or, you will hear a grinding sound every-time you step on the brakes. If you hear a grinding sound, you need to change your brakes immediately because you no longer have useable brake pads.

Why Victory Auto Service & Glass vs Midas or Other Big Box Brake Shops? 

It comes down to three things: Victory Auto has better skill, better parts, and better prices. We have master ASE certified mechanics at every location. To get this certification is the same education and testing as a CPA. Not all big box auto shops have the same level of skill. We source only the best parts for your vehicle to maximize repair lifetime. Big box shops often use cheaper parts to maximize their profit on you. Also, big box shops are usually more expensive due to franchise, licensing, and real estate costs.


What Brake Parts Do You Use?

We use only high-end original equipment or name brand after-market parts so you can be rest assured you are getting the best value for your money to maximize repair life.


How Long Does a Brake Repair Take?

Depends if you are repairing both front and back breaks as well as the level or repair needed? Simple repairs can be done within an hour, but larger repairs may take half a day or longer. Don't forget our complimentary loaner vehicles and door-to-door service within 5 miles if you have a larger repair. 


Are Disk (Rotor) Brakes Better Than Drum Brakes?

Most people are familiar with disk brakes because they have become the standard for most vehicles. Drum brakes are often lower cost than disk brakes which is why you often see drum brakes in lower-cost vehicles. However, disk brakes perform more consistency over time which is why many manufactures use disk brakes. 


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