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Fast, Affordable Oil Change Services

Best Oil Change Experience I've Ever Had

I have been taking my car to Victory Auto Service & Glass for oil changes for years. I would never trust an instant oil shop again after my plug was stripped. Victory has always done it right. I love the concierge service where they pick up my vehicle for free! Saves so much time!

DANA M.  //  Customer

Protect Your Engine from Internal Breakdown

Changing your vehicle's engine oil is a critical service for maintaining the performance of your vehicle. Most vehicle manufacturers suggest changing your oil every 3,000 - 5,000 miles depending upon the type of oil your engine needs. At Victory Auto Service & Glass, we use only the very best engine oil and parts for your vehicle.

Engine oil starts clear, but over time dust and contaminants are picked up as the oil is circulated throughout your engine. Dirty oil can cause significant engine problems if not addressed properly. 

Know when it is time to top off or change your oil

It is time to change your oil when...

  • You have hit your recommended milestone
  • You notice an oil leak under your car
  • Your engine oil is dirty

Victory Auto Oil Change vs Other 'Instant' Oil Shops

We understand it seems like any shop can do an oil change, and while many promote it, not all services are equal in quality for you, your vehicle, and the environment.

Service Item

Victory Auto Service & Glass

"Quick Lube" Shops

Always Use Premium Oil

Always Proper Oil Filter Use

Eco-Friendly Oil Disposal

Complimentary Peace of Mind Inspection

 Pick-up / Drop-off Within 5 miles of Shop

The Big Choice: Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Your engine oil is a primary defense against engine breakdown and maintaining consistent performance. Since 2000, there has been much debate about synthetic vs conventional oil. While either will protect your engine just fine if routinely serviced, here are the main differences with synthetic oil to be aware of.

Superior Lubrication at Temperature Extremes

Most synthetic oils are better at keeping your engine lubricated at higher and lower temperature ranges. This is because synthetic oils have added lubricants chemically designed to maintain superior lubrication at the extreme temperature highs and lows. Increased lubrications decreases engine wear and tear over time and may add to your engine's life.

Better Stability Over Time

Oil starts to lose its lubricating properties as it is heated and exposed to oxygen. Primarily the oil increases in viscosity, or more simply will be a 'thin' or 'runny' oil. This is what people mean by an oil 'breaking down'. Synthetic oils are formulated to maintain their thickness at high temps and over longer periods of time. Maintaining this viscosity enables synthetic oil to provide stable, consistent lubrication to engine parts.

Fewer Deposits in the Engine

Conventional oil is an organic substance. As such, conventional oils leave deposits on engine components when exposed to prolonged heat and oxygen (aka Hard Driving). These deposits literally stick to your engine parts and builds layer on layer like a blood clot. Synthetic oils are chemically engineered to reduce engine deposits, allowing for superior flow of oil to critical engine parts. 

* When in doubt, you should follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil.

** In order to give you the best performance for your money, Victory Auto Service & Glass only uses full-synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils from our award-winning local vendor Lube Tech

7-Step Oil Change Process

Call, Text, or Email to Set Up an oil change Appointment. Book Online: Here

We Perform a 44-point quality assurance inspection on entire vehicle on the Day of your appointment

We'll inspect the motor oil, oil pan, sealing, and oil filter for current performance levels

We'll Develop An Optimal service Strategy for your vehicle's specifications

You Approve Only the Work You Want

We'll Perform the Work Ordered in a Detailed and professional Manner to maximize your investment

You'll Get Back on the Road, Typically the Same Day

Oil Change F.A.Q.

How Often Do I Have to Change My Oil?

It depends on your vehicle. Different vehicles require different oil specificiations. You manufacturer will specify how often to change your oil in your owner's manual. However most conventional oil needs to be replaced every 3,000 miles; full-synthetic every 5,000 miles. Typically this is about every 2-3 months depending on how often you drive.


Is Synthetic Oil Better?

Synthetic oil is not nessecarily 'better'. You need to use the motor oil your manufacturer recommends. Your engine is designed specifically for a certain type of engine oil with certain chemical elements. Deviating from what your manfuacturer recommeneds is not a wise strategy for maintaining performance of your vehicle.

What is the Cost of an Oil Change?

Victory Auto Service & Glass is very competitive when it comes to the cost of an oil change. Take a look at the sample prices of Victory compared to other quick lube shops. 


Why Use Victory Auto Service & Glass vs Quick Lube Shops?

Ultimately it comes down to four things: quality of service, skill level of mechanics, customer experience, and perks. Victory Auto Service & Glass performs a 44-point inspection compared to 15-18 point. Our technicians are all ASE certified compared to the local high school kid, we never upsell you with somethign you don't need (like a cabin air filter), and we have wonderful perks like complimentary loaner vehicles and door-to-door picku-up and drop-off services.

If you want a more in depth head-to-head analysis, check out the aritcle: Victory Auto vs Quick Lube Shops.


What Happens if I Don't Change My Oil as Reccommended?

Simply put, bad things happen. You can put your engine at risk of siezing. Think of it like an engine heart attack. Oil turns into sludge when not changed and prevents your engine from moving properly, just like a clogged atery can lead to a heart attack. Often when this happens you have to replace the entire engine which costs $$$$$ 🙁 Fortunately there is an easy solution, just get your oil changed on a reguglar occurance. 

If you want more information about what happens if you don't change your oil, check out our article: here


How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Typcially about 45-50 minutes for a full service oil change. If you are tight on time, don't forget about our door-to-door coniegere service.

Can I Get Other Services with My Oil Change?

Yes, just let us know what other services you are interested in when making an appointment. We will inspect the other issues and work only on what you approve and is needed.


What Types of Motor Oil do You Use?

We use only synthetic-blends and full-synthetic motor oil in our shops. This is because these oil types maximize your oil change life and performance. We always match the type of oil (5W-30, 0W-20, etc...) with what your manufacruer recommends. We get all of our luberancts from our award-winning, local vendor Lube Tech who is an industry leader in luberanct performance.

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