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Fix Your Grinding & Slipping Transmission Today

transmission repair

Lower Price Than Other Repair Shops

I visited Victory Auto for the first time today and had a great experience. The workers were very transparent and honest about each repair my car needed. I ended up paying a lower price than I was quoted at other competitors. I will definitely be coming back to this location.

Andrew  //  Customer

Restore the Function of You Transmission And Get Back On The Road Today! 

If you are like most customers, the thought of repairing your transmission rarely comes up. But when it does, it can be horrifying. Many customers like you wonder if "this is it" for their vehicle. Victory Auto Service & Glass's competitive transmission repair will get you shifting back into drive in no  time.

transmission gears

Close-up of Transmission Gears

Did You Know... Main Reasons Your Transmission Fails

  • Bad Clutch
  • Low Transmission Fluid
  • Bad Torque Converter
  • Bad Transmission Solenoid (valves)

Automatic Transmissions vs Manual Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions are now the default transmission type for most vehicles. The big difference is there is no clutch pedal a drive must use to shift gears. When you use an automatic transmission the shifting happens for you based on speed, throttle, RPMs, and tow settings. Automatic transmissions are a favorite for most drivers because you don't have to multi-task constantly when driving. Most automatic transmissions are 4-5 speeds (gears), and sometimes can be 6 speed. A newer form of the automatic transmission is the CVT, Continuous Variable Transmission.

Automatic transmissions are favorites for most drivers, but they have more complexity which can cause automatic transmissions to breakdown easier and be more expensive to repair. 

Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmissions are loved by car purists and those who like to 'feel' their vehicle. Not only does the addition of a manual clutch add an element of control, the sensory input can help you sense when your vehicle needs servicing. A key difference in manual transmissions is the European Manual vs the American Manual. With many European Models you have to push down on the shifter to access the reserve whereas with the American Manual, reverse is on the end of the sequence.

Manual Transmissions may take a bit more to learn, but those who have manual transmissions usually love them. You'll look cool to all your friends who can't drive a manual. Manual Transmissions usually are cheaper to repair and tend to last longer depending on the skill of the driver.

Transmission Repair Services

We offer full-service transmission repair services at all Victory Auto Service & Glass locations.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

One of the basic things you can do to ensure the longevity of your transmission is to replace the transmission fluid at regular intervals as described in your owner manual or as your vehicle needs.

Clutch Repair 

Do you notice your vehicle does not shift as easily as you think it should? Do you hear a grinding sound when you shift? You might need a clutch repair. Both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions have clutches. You can think of the clutch as a bridge between gears. The clutch helps transfer the torque (twisting power) from one gear to the next. 

Transmission Replacement

Sometimes the entire transmission needs to be replaced. It might be that all the parts are worn and torn, or it could be that some parts are too expensive and you are better off replacing the entire transmission. 

Transfer Case Repair

Transfer cases are designed to take the energy from the transmission and 'transfer' it to the axels in a 4x4 transmission system. Sometimes the majority of your transmission is ok, but you are loosing power with one wheel or an axel. 

Torque Converter Replacement

Think of a clutch for automatic transmissions. The torque converter is a mechanical part that engages or disengages the transmission. The torque converter can help add additional torque to your transmission which is fun to red lights. 

Transmission Solenoid Replacement

Solenoids are electro-hydraulic valves controlled by your vehicle. Transmission Solenoids manage the flow of transmission fluid throughout your transmission, and they open and close as per the electrical signals they receive from your vehicle’s engine or transmission control unit.

4 x 4 Transmission Repair

A 4x4 vehicle sends power to all 4 wheels independently through the transmission. 4x4 vehicles need to maintain their transfer case and differential fluid as well. The advantage of 4x4 is power is send precisely to the wheel that needs it.

AWD Transmission Repair

AWD also has power running to all 4 wheels through the transmission, but usually all 4 wheels receive the same power. AWD is still a major help in winter conditions, but is not a suitable for off-road or extreme terrain.

7-Step Transmission Repair Process

Call, Text, or Email to Set Up an oil change Appointment. Book Online: Here

We will Inspect The Transmission To Determine If it can be Repaired or needs to be Replaced

We will Establish the best course of service and fully explain your options

We will work on only approved work

We will repair or replace the transmission needs per your choice

We will fully explain all the items performed

You'll Get Back on the Road, Typically under half a day

Transmission Repair FAQs

Do I Need To Junk My Vehicle With a Bad Transmission?

Not at all! You have options depending on what the condition of your transmission is. It is a false belief that you have to junk your vehicle. 


Why Are Transmissions More Expensive Than Other Repair Items?

Transmissions can be on the more expensive of repair items due to parts costs (all that metal) and labor costs (all those parts). Transmissions are one of the most complex components of your vehicle with many connecting parts. Take apart and rebuilding a transmission can take time.


How Do I Prevent My Transmission From Going Bad?

The best way to preserve your transmission is to have gradual and smooth gear shifts, change your transmission fluid regularly as scheduled or needed, and don't tow heavy items constantly. So no more rapid gear changes, that will only burn your transmission out faster.


Do You Work On CVT (Continuous Variable Transmissions)

Yes, we work on all types of transmissions for all makes and models.


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