May 13

Fishing Opener: Victory’s Top 5 Fishing Locations



Fishing Opener Details

Every year, for many Minnesotans, summer begins on the day of fishing opener.  This well loved annual tradition typically takes place the same weekend as Mother's Day (seriously, who came up with that?). However, THIS year's fishing opener is May 14th! Actually, the timing of Minnesota’s annual fishing opener is due to the state’s requirement of the opener being exactly two weeks prior to Memorial Day Weekend.  

"Each year, the Governor's Fishing Opener is a unique event, and this year will be no exception. What continues each year is the passion and enthusiasm Minnesotans have for this great tradition and pastime. In fact, we've seen even more people discover the joy of fishing and we want to continue that momentum," said DNR commissioner Sarah Strommen. "This time is also a reminder of how critical it is to invest in our natural resources to ensure they are well-managed and sustained for this and future generations."  Quote from Kare 11’s related article

Although many assume the fishing opener pertains only to walleye, it actually includes a multiple number of different species of fish that inhabit our Minnesota lakes & rivers. Northern pike and bass (also called gamefish) are among the list of species allowed during the opener (and certain other times depending on the area you're in). Fish, such as lake trout, sunfish, crappies, perch, channel catfish, bullhead, etc.. are always open and able to be caught!

The Joys Of Fishing 

There are many reasons people love getting out on the water and fishing. The peace of the early morning sunrise, the crack of an ice cold drink from the cooler, the thrill of the bobber going down or setting the hook just right, and the quiet…ahhh yes…the quiet.

Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that fishing is a big deal here in Minnesota. Fishing is also a big deal for many of our team members here at Victory. 

If you don’t know, a good fishing spot is a well protected and very coveted thing amongst fishermen and fisher-women. Like, it’s a VERY serious thing. So serious, that people will take their “catch” photo AFTER moving their boat to another area of a lake so that no one who sees their picture gets wise to their secret fishing location.

Though I had this knowledge of the secretive nature of fishing locations, I decided to ask our team if they would be willing to share their best fishing locations with YOU. And to my delight, I got some responses from our team members that are passionate about fishing. 

Our Team’s Top 5 Minnesota Fishing Locations

#5 Lake WhoKnows

Coming in at number 5 on our list is Lake Whoknows! “The fish always seem to be biting whenever we hit up our favorite spot on Lake Whoknows. My buddies and I have had frequented for years now. I think it’s finally time to share this great spot with everyone!” It took these guys years to find. We wanted to make it easy for you! Check out the image below. The best spot on Lake Whoknows, is inside the circle on the map. 

#4 That One Really Big Pot Hole

Bryan, our Wyoming Location Manager, shares his favorite fishing spot: “We have many wonderful lakes here in Minnesota, but my personal favorite for good fishing is that one really big pothole over there.”

#3 100 Feet From The Blue Shed

Our Area Manager, Jordan, who enjoys fishing on the weekends, shared how you can get to his prime fishing spot. “If you look across the lake at sunrise, you need to look for the white birch tree and the blue shed.. the fish will be waiting 100 feet out from there…” Thank you, Jordan! Hopefully you are able to locate that blue shed near a white birch tree. It sounds like the fish near there are just waiting for YOU to catch them!

If you're saying to yourself, well that sounds great, which lake is it? All you have to do is try out any lake at sunrise, if the description matches, that might just be the spot! 

#2 The Blue Water

Our number two spot is the spot with blue water! Simply get out on the water, head north, then west, then north, then east then slightly south and you should be able to spot a section of the lake that has blue rippling water. Once you reach that point, you have found a fishing spot you should definitely try! Below is a great example of what to look for!

#1 Lake Nunya

Our Ham Lake Location Manager John, is an avid fisherman with many great fishing spots. He opened up and decided to share his #1 spot with us. Lake Nunya! Thank you John for being willing to share your very favorite fishing spot with us. I’ve heard that Lake Nunya has the best fish around. If you give John’s suggestion a try and have success, let us know!

In all seriousness, if you are heading out to do some fishing this weekend, we wish you the best of luck, with way bigger fish than your buddies!

- Julia M. 


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