August 31

How to Increase Horsepower



Car enthusiasts, racers, manufacturers, and engineers have been working on innovative ideas to increase vehicle performance for decades. Some drivers have a need for speed built into their DNA. To say most don’t get butterflies for a fast vehicle would be telling a lie. Horsepower is a crucial aspect of any self-proclaimed car enthusiast. Below we have a small list of tips that can increase horsepower in most street vehicles.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Tuning

Tuning the ECU is one of the most cost-effective ways to add additional horsepower to your vehicle. When vehicles are produced, the engine control unit is adjusted in a way that conservatively minimizes stress on major engine components while allowing a lower fuel grade to be used. Tuning the ECU reprograms it to take a more robust advantage of your engine. It adjusts the timing of the engine and allows for more power.

Install a Performance Cold Air Intake

Your vehicle may see huge horsepower improvements by replacing the original air intake with an aftermarket one. An aftermarket air intake with a heat shield will significantly boost performance because it uses a more free-flowing air filter.

Install a Performance Exhaust

Installing a performance exhaust is one of the most popular vehicle modifications. An aftermarket exhaust may be louder but helps your vehicle expel exhaust quicker. The faster it can rid carbon monoxide, the quicker it can inhale oxygen.

Remove Excess Weight

If your trunk or backseat is storing heavy items, find a new place to keep it. The unneeded weight forces your vehicle to work harder, removing it can mildly increase speed.

Invest in High-Performance Wheels

A wheel upgrade can improve the horsepower of your vehicle by reducing weight. High-performance wheels can reduce weight by over 10lbs per wheel, helping the vehicle handle better.


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