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Top 10 Destinations In Duluth, MN



Have you thought about visiting Duluth, MN, but didn’t know where to start exploring? We have recommendations for YOU from locals!

Our Duluth team composed a list of all their favorite spots that they think every visitor should stop at while in Duluth and we want to share them with you! Whether you are visiting on a vacation or a local having a staycation, you should check out these incredible destinations.

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10. Great Lakes Aquarium

353 Harbor Dr #100 - 4.5/5 star Google rating

The Great Lakes Aquarium opened their doors in 1998 to display how important freshwater resources are, with an emphasis on Lake Superior. They promote education through hands-on experiences with live animals and interactive exhibits. With a fun experience for all ages, we definitely recommend visiting the Great Lakes Aquarium!

9. William A Irvin Museum

350 Harbor Dr - 4.5/5 star Google rating

The William A Irvin is a $1.3 million vessel that transported iron ore and coal to ports within the Great Lakes from the 1930s to the 1970s. The Irvin also had four luxurious cabins, as well as a dining room and guest lounge that were able to be booked by guests. The Irvin now resides in the heart of Duluth’s Canal Park and has been renovated as a museum for guests to experience life aboard the ship. If you want to experience a little bit of history, this is the place for you!


8. Fitger’s Inn

600 E Superior St - 4.5/5 star Google rating

If the William A Irvin Museum wasn’t enough history for you, then you might want to check out Fitger’s Inn. As one of the many locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Fitger’s provides a look into the brewery industry in Duluth from as early as 1857 up until 1972. After many buy-outs, August Fitger gained a new business partner, Percy Anneke, in 1884. The duo began operation as the A. Fitger & Co./Lake Superior Brewery, where they produced beer until Prohibition hit. During that time, they began to create products such as Lovit Pop and candy bars like the Fitger’s Flapper, the King Bee Nougat, and the Fitger’s Spark Plug. After the Prohibition cleared, they began brewing beer once again, before closing their doors in 1972. In 1984, the location reopened, but this time as a hotel with three full-service restaurants and a shopping area! The area was renovated again in the 90’s to have more shopping and food options, including the re-opening of the Fitger’s Brewhouse.

7. Park Point Beach

4750 Minnesota Ave - 4.6/5 star Google rating

If you are looking for a beach adventure on your trip in Duluth, you should check out Park Point Beach! Whether you are wanting to enjoy some sunshine while playing beach volleyball on the sand courts or braving the waters of Lake Superior, Park Point Beach provides a beautiful location for your excursion. 

6. Glensheen Mansion

3300 London Rd - 4.7/5 star Google rating

The Glensheen Mansion was built by Chester and Clara Congdon in the 1900s as their family home. The Congdon’s were an influential family in Duluth - opening iron mining and designating land, like Congdon Park and the North Shore Scenic Highway, for the public to enjoy. In 1979 the mansion was donated to the University of Minnesota and was turned into a historic museum. The museum has done extensive work to keep the family’s belongings intact and as they were when they still lived there. They acknowledge all the small details, such as Chester’s top hat in the closet to the sheets that were placed in the linen closet almost 100 years ago, to Clara’s letters in the desk drawer. Whether you visit for the local history or for the beautiful architecture and landscaping, the Glensheen Mansion is a must-visit location.


5. Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve & Bird Observatory

3980 E Skyline Pkwy - 4.8/5 star Google rating

Open 365 days a year, the Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve is visited for studies and public enjoyment. You can visit the on-site bird observatory, where the staff conducts research and provides educational sessions with the public, or you can explore along the 4+ miles of hiking trails, discovering the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. This is a great stop for all of the nature lovers!

4. Enger Park, Tower & Golf Course

16th Ave W & Skyline Pkwy - 4.8/5 star Google rating

In 1921, Bert Enger donated money to develop the land that was once known as Grand Mountain and has now become Enger Park and Enger Park Golf Course. Enger donated more money a few years later to help with development and in 1939 Enger Tower was built in dedication to him. The park has become a popular destination for weddings and also houses the American-Japanese Peace Bell, which was gifted from Duluth’s sister city, Ohara-Isumi. If you want to visit the tower, you want to make sure you do not go during the snowy Minnesota winter, as the doors are closed until the snow has melted away.

3. Canal Park

Also referred to as “Duluth, Minnesota’s Playground”, Canal Park is the place to go if you are looking for fun activities, cool shopping, and delicious food. What started as simple land on either side of the canal now is home to the famous Aerial Lift Bridge, Minnesota Gifts by Sandra Dee, and Duluth Coffee Company Cafe & Roastery. With many places to explore, shop and eat, there will not be a dull moment during your visit to Canal Park. 

2. Casket Quarry

6998 W Skyline Pkwy #4000 - 5/5 star Google rating

Known for the 100-foot high and 1000-feet long cliff, Casket Quarry Park is a beautiful destination for the adventurous souls. In the winter months, you will find many mixed-climbing participants scaling the cliff and during the other seasons you will see visitors hiking or playing disc golf. This incomparable experience will without a doubt provide you with breathtaking views!


1. Bentleyville “Tour of Lights”

700 Railroad St - 5/5 star Google rating

If you love Christmas lights and are brave enough to be outside in the cold Minnesota winter, then Bentleyville is a must visit destination! While you can only visit in November and December, it is definitely worth making the trip for. While admission is free, you do have to pay $10 for parking and a nonperishable food item or unwrapped toy donation are encouraged to help make the holiday season better for local families. Once you enter Bentleyville, you will take the walking tour of lights with stopping points to enjoy hot cocoa, coffee, cookies, and popcorn, as well as a spot to roast marshmallows, all free of charge. Before you complete your tour, make sure you stop and say hello to Santa and Mrs. Claus and take a gander through the gift shop! If you decide to visit one of Duluth’s coolest destinations, make sure to bundle up!


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No matter where you go or what you do while you visit Duluth, we know you will have a wonderful time!

- Marissa M. 


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