February 15

7 Ways To Love Your Car



It’s love month! For many of us that means showing some extra love to the people closest to us. It can also be a great time to show some extra love to ourselves. Creating a clean, safe and comfortable driving experience for yourself can be a great way to do that. Check out our list of 7 ways to love your car! 

Middle aged woman with short gray hair and glasses is smiling and hugging an orange car.

1. Declutter & Organize Your Car

Did you know that having less weight in your vehicle can give you better gas mileage? It may be time to do some pre-spring cleaning and clear out the clutter that you are hauling around in the trunk. We highly encourage you to keep an emergency kit in your car at all times, as well as your vehicle’s manual and registration in the glove box, but getting rid of the box of clothes you have been meaning to donate or the pile of straws, napkins, and sauces that have been collected from the drive-thru visits.

Trunk of SUV full of things like, a stroller, striped rain boots, kids sand shovel, blankets, plastic bags, etc..

2. Get Your Vehicle Detailed

There is nothing better than a sparkling vehicle after going to the car wash! Not only does it make your car look stunning, but it also helps keep the parts running properly because they aren’t rusting away. As winter is *hopefully* winding down, it is important to get your vehicle, especially the undercarriage, free of salt, sand and dirt from the snowy roads. The salt from the roads can lead to rust, especially when mixed with water as the snow starts to melt. Getting all of the salt and residue from the undercarriage cleaned off will keep your parts from rusting and allow them to function how they should.

The extra perk of going to a detailer instead of just a car wash is that they will clean INSIDE your vehicle, as well. From the snack crumbs and sticky spills in the back seat from the kids to the dried leaves and salt chunks that have been collecting all year from your shoes, they will clean it all and make your vehicle look like it just came off the car lot!

Man using a hand vacuum in the front seat of a car to vacuum the floor on the drivers side.

3. Get Your Oil Changed

There are many reasons why you should get your oil changed, but the most important is to maintain the health of your engine. You can read more about the importance of changing your oil in this blog post. If you are unsure of how often you should be changing your oil, we recommend every 3,000-6,000 miles, depending on the type of vehicle. However, the best way to know what is best for your vehicle is to check your owner’s manual.

In an auto repair shop you see a man smiling placing a white oil filter underneath a lifted vehicle. You can see a red vehicle parked in the back drop of the shot.

4. Replace Windshield Wipers

Did you know you should be changing your windshield wipers every 6-12 months? Your wipers may show signs that they need to be replaced, which you can read about in our blog, but replacing them on a regular basis will help prevent scratches to your windshield and will keep the windshield clearer when using your wipers.

Close up shot of two hands, one hand holding the wiper blade up and the other hand wiping the blade with a blue microfiber cloth.

5. Repair Rock Chips

Rock chips are one of the most annoying occurrences that can happen to a vehicle. They may seem like a minor inconvenience, but they can quickly grow into a bigger problem. When left unattended, rock chips can eventually grow to a crack across the entire windshield. Stay ahead of the game and repair any rock chips before they grow into a more expensive problem!

Close up shot of a rock chip splintering into a spider crack on a windshield.

6. New Tires

Are your tires starting to get worn down? Do you know how to tell if it’s time to replace them? If not, you can read more on that in our tire blog post. One of the best ways to give your car some love is to get a brand new set of tires. They will have more traction, providing a smoother and safer driving experience!

close up shot of a new black tire attached to a vehicle.

7. New Filters

There are two very important filters that you can show your love to in your vehicle, the cabin filter and the air filter. The air filter purifies the air that is going to your engine, keeping out the dust, dirt and other particles from getting to the engine and keeps it running smoothly. Replacing the air filter not only helps the engine health, but also the health of the catalytic converter, both of which can be expensive repairs if they aren’t kept healthy!

Replacing the cabin filter, not only shows your car love, but it also shows yourself love! The cabin filter cleans the air that you are breathing while in the vehicle. If you have allergies or asthma or just like to breathe clean air, replacing the cabin filter will be extremely beneficial to you and your passengers!

Man in an auto repair shop standing next to a car holding a clean cabin air filter.

We hope these tips help you show love to your vehicle this season and keep your drives running smoothly. We would love to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly, so if you need to schedule an appointment for any of the repairs and maintenance we’ve mentioned, or any others, click here or give any of our locations a call!

Happy Love Month!

Woman with blonde hair in a black shirt smiling in front of a car on a drive on lift.

- Marissa M. 


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