May 16

Community Spotlight: The Dwelling Place



 At a recent event hosted at Redeemed Farm in northern Minnesota, our Victory Auto Service team had the wonderful opportunity to engage firsthand with the impactful work being carried out at The Dwelling Place. We listened attentively as their team and survivors of domestic abuse shared their stories, shedding light on the crucial need for safe housing for women and children in our communities.

It's been an absolute honor for us to stand behind The Dwelling Place for many years. Their steadfast commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of women and their children, providing them with the safe haven they deserve, is truly inspiring. We're proud to support their mission and encourage you to learn more about this incredible organization!

To learn more about The Dwelling Place: 

At the heart of The Dwelling Place's mission lies a profound understanding of the challenges faced by survivors seeking refuge. From the need for safe housing to the importance of economic stability, the organization addresses the multifaceted needs of survivors and their families.

Transportation is often a significant hurdle for survivors, hindering their ability to access essential services and opportunities. Recognizing this, The Dwelling Place extends support to residents, assisting them in obtaining driver's licenses, maintaining vehicles, and overcoming mobility barriers. By providing this critical lifeline, they pave the way for greater independence and freedom.

Moreover, the mental health and well-being of survivors and their children are central to The Dwelling Place's approach. They offer access to mental health resources and support, acknowledging the profound impact of trauma on survivors' lives. Through personalized care and guidance, they create a nurturing environment where healing can flourish.

Children who have witnessed domestic abuse often require specialized support to address their unique needs. The Dwelling Place ensures that these children receive the necessary services and resources, both during their stay and as they transition into independent living. By prioritizing their welfare, the organization lays the groundwork for a brighter future for the next generation.

In addition to addressing immediate needs, The Dwelling Place focuses on empowering residents with essential life skills. From financial literacy to job training, they equip women with the tools they need to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. By fostering economic independence, they break the cycle of dependence on abusive relationships.

Central to The Dwelling Place's mission is the commitment to affordable housing. Collaborating with community partners, they strive to ensure that every resident has access to safe and affordable housing options. By securing stable living arrangements, they provide a solid foundation for individuals to thrive and flourish.

For those inspired to join the cause or extend their support, The Dwelling Place offers various avenues for involvement. Whether through volunteering, donations, or advocacy, every contribution makes a meaningful difference in the lives of survivors. To learn more about The Dwelling Place and how you can make a difference, visit their website at


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